Bling your Belly With Navel Rings

September 27th, 2010

It’s the first day of summer and you’re headed to the beach. You’re rocking the latest bathing suit and have been working hard all spring to get that great beach bod.  There’s only one thing missing: accessories! You need some way to show off your figure and draw attention to your suit; you need that wow-factor. What you need is one of the hottest items of jewelry in the world and that is a belly button ring.

There are the facts, of course, that these body piercings can be very harmful but if you get your navel pierced right and take good care of it, you’ll be in good stance.  When the time comes to get the piercing, make sure all of your questions are fully answered.  If you’re confused about something, ask the cosmetologist.  It is better to be safe than sorry, remember, so always make sure whoever will be doing the piercing really knows what he or she is doing. Don’t feel rude or guilty about quizzing them. It’s your body and you want to have all the facts before you make a permanent change like this.

Belly button rings are so popular throughout the whole world and it seems like everyone has their own “belly bling”. Body jewelry, specifically navel rings, are becoming more and more popular.  Manufacturers are responding and developing new styles every day. Here are some of the types of belly button rings available today.

Traditional Non-Dangling was the first type of ring to be created and it is still probably one of the most popular as well. Even though they’re the original, they come in a variety of colors and styles and tend to cost the least.  For the days when you want something simple and casual yet fun and cute, these are the perfect accessory.

Another popular type is the Reverse Belly Button Ring. Reverse Navel rings are a creative style that catch everyone’s attention. They enter the traditional belly button piercing from the top down and allow the ring to dangle in front of the navel. These belly rings make you look sophisticated and mature.

There are many people who believe belly button rings are too dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed but there are also many people who believe the cute and fun rings are the perfect way to complete your outfit. If you decide to get your belly pierced, just make sure you  have all the facts and properly care for your new accessory to prevent pain or infection.

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