Hair Styling Tools: Flat Irons and More

August 18th, 2010

Have you ever walked down the hair product aisle at any drug store? It can be overwhelming.  With the rows and rows of hairstyling and hair care products, not to mention tools, it can turn into quite a job.  This is an introductory manual to help distinguish between curling irons and flat irons, as well as discuss common styling products.

· Shampoo: Use together to keep hair clean and healthy. The type of shampoo you use, like most hair products, will depend on the type of hair you have.

· Conditioner: Helps keep hair healthy and repairs it from the daily damage we do it on a daily basis, such as brushing or even by being in the sun. The more you use heated tools (like a flat iron) and styling products, the more your need for conditioner will grow.

· Hairspray: Determining the best kind of hairspray comes from what kind of results you are looking for.  If you need to keep a hairstyle in place, use something with extra hold. If you need volume, use something lighter.

· Gel: A little bit of hair gel will go a long way to help your hair hold styles created by hair dryers, curling or flat irons. Hair gel is more heavy duty than mousse or hairspray and is not always appropriate for day to day use.

· Thermal Spray: Should be used before any direct heat is applied to your hair and it protects hair from the heat of hair dryers, curling and flat irons.

· Paste or Wax: Gives hair a piecey, messy look. It’s easy to accidentally make your hair look greasy with Pastes and Waxes so be sure to use only a little at a time until you determine how much works for you.

· Flat Iron: Gives hair a straight, silky look and can also double as a curling iron. Again, this tool uses heat, so do not leave on hair for an extended period of time to avoid damage and always try to use thermal spray. This tool can help style nearly every single type of hair.  Depending on how thick or curly your hair is, you may need to adjust the heat setting.

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