Pregnancy Belly Button Rings Allow Moms to Keep Their Piercings

July 27th, 2010

Belly button rings have been on the scene since the early 90s when supermodels began to use them as a must have accessory. Crop top shirts and midriff bearing bathing suits contributed to the fad and cemented the navel ring as a popular piece of body jewelry.

The original group of young women who started this fashion trend are approaching an age where pregnancy is a real possibility. No longer are they in their teens and twenties, but are now adults. One thing they haven’t outgrown, however, is their sexy belly button rings.

Just because they’re going to be proud mama’s doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice their favorite body jewelry from their younger days. There’s just no reason why a woman should have to take out her belly button rings to accommodate her changing body.

Pregnancy belly button rings are not all identical; usually they are made from plastic however. A special sterile wire called PTFE that is nickel free and easily sterilized. Most often, retailers sell this wire in a 2” to 2 ½” lengths with two balls that screw on to either end. The beauty of this product is that it is fully adjustable! To change the length, simply cut the wire at an angle and reattach the balls.

The wire is self threading and will automatically hold the ball in place.  These mom belly rings come with all sorts of balls from UV to titanium. In addition, they come with charms and dangles with phrases like “It’s a Boy/Girl” and “Baby on Board.”

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a mother’s life and it’s the beginning of a new lifestyle. It doesn’t have to force a woman to give up a piece of body jewelry she’s had for much of her life, though. Pregnancy belly button rings aren’t especially expensive and they correspond with the prices of belly button rings of similar style and quality.

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