Hair Scissors vs. Thinning Shears

July 15th, 2010

For people with thick and unmanageable hair, thinning hair scissors can be the single most important part of their hair cut experience.  This kind of modified hair shear works wonders for people who can’t stand the thickness

Kamisori Thinning Shears

or poofiness of their locks.

Thinning hair scissors, also known as thinning shears, come in a variety of styles.  In general, they look very similar to regular hair scissors, but have one blade that more closely resembles a comb.  The size and space between the “teeth” is what determines how much or how little hair is thinned or removed.

Some say that thinning hair scissors remove too much hair and leave your locks looking stringy and can even cause a balding look in extreme cases.  It’s true, if a stylist is too eager to remove thickness, he or she can end up cutting so much that your hair will suffer for months to come as it grows out properly.

Others, however, say that you just need to find an experienced hair stylist because thinning hair scissors

can save you precious hours in hair styling time and precious dollars in hair styling products.  They support this nifty trick wholeheartedly and will recommend it to any poofy haired patron.

Regardless of whether you choose to take a strong stand, keep in mind that this is a cutting process and if not done well, you could suffer from split ends and other adverse effects.  You’re always safest if you plan to take advantage of thinning hair scissors no more than three times per year.

And remember, if you have a fiasco…you can always wear a hat.

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