Caring for your belly button ring is important

July 7th, 2010

Getting your belly button pierced is an exciting time and can really be a lot of fun. This is certainly true if you’ve been waiting a long time to get permission or if you have had to wait until a legal age. People generally get really excited after they see how cute their first belly button ring will look.

However, after you get home from the piercing salon, then what? It looks great, right? But it’s also a little sore. And you bought tons

of cute belly button rings online, but the piercer said you had to wait to change it. So what do you do? You wait.

The single worst thing you can do after piercing your belly button ring is to ruin it forever by improper care or changing the belly button ring too early. It will be especially detrimental because you’ll have to both take away your current belly ring AND run the risk of serious illness due to infection. Not to mention the pain or discomfort you will feel.

Properly licensed piercers will always provide you with detailed directions on how to take care of your new belly button ring.

Generally they suggest you clean your piercing only once a day and use warm water and soap to do so.All piercers will recommend that you clean your piercing only once per day to prevent drying, and they will all tell you to NEVER use Neosporin or rubbing alcohol to clean the piercing.

In addition, you should wait at least six months before even attempting to change your belly button ring. In fact, man

y people wait up to a year before attempting to remove or replace the navel ring. This is vitally important because if you change it too soon, you run the serious risk of causing dangerous infections, as well as ruining the piercing and allowing it to close.

It’s necessary to avoid touching the piercing as much as possible.  Even if you wash your hands, you’ll still have natural oils on your fingers that could transfer gems and cause painful infections. They will also recommend that you avoid wearing tight clothing that will rub against your new belly button ring and that you should avoid activities that will cause excessive sweating, at least for the first few weeks.

Belly button rings are a safe and desirable piercing, and if you care for them properly, they’ll be a great fashion accessory for many years to come.

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