The CHI Hair Straightener Review

June 30th, 2010

So when hair straighteners (flat irons) first made their appearance on the beauty scene, CHI was where it was at!  Everyone knew the name CHI, everyone wanted the CHI, and everyone knew someone who had a CHI.  The CHI hair straightener was the biggest and best brand available.  However, as time went on and more and more hair straightener brands entered the market, CHI had a little competition.  Then suddenly, they had a lot of competition!

Hair straighteners today come with dual voltage, digital thermometers, floating plates and even Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion.  CHI does not.  Although it was once the best in the industry, the CHI hair straightener can no longer compete.  The company sat idly by as other brands researched and improved their product and met the needs of the market.  Oddly enough, CHI flat irons continue to be relatively popular among consumers.  Not necessarily just the CHI original, but the other versions as well.  People are paying for the name, not the product.  The high prices attached to these hair straighteners is only possible because people still think that CHI is as omniscient as it once was.

Before purchasing your next hair straightener, do a little looking online for a product that will actually meet your needs.  Don’t automatically purchase a product because you know the brand name.  Read customer reviews and visit ranking websites to find the flat iron that’s best for you.  With a short warranty and limited features, the CHI hair straightener is probably not it.

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