Your Hair Straightener can do MORE than Straighten!

May 21st, 2010

Hair straighteners have become a “must-have” tool in every girl’s hair styling repertoire; some guys’ too!  They use a flat iron nearly every single day and are willing to spend a lot of time, effort and money to determine the best straightener for them.

But many of these straightener obsessed consumers do not even realize the extensive capabilities of a straightener. They use it to calm the frizz or eliminate curls, but this versatile tool can also spiral curl hair, curls ends under or out and add volume.

To straighten the hair, a user can use her flat iron in the traditional manner.  Clamp a section of hair between the plates and move it slowly down the shaft of the hair.

To flip the hair under or out, she would follow a similar procedure but add another step to the end.  Clamp a piece of hair, close the to the roots, between the plates and more the iron down the shaft.  When she reaches the end, she should gently begin to twist the hair straightener a half turn away from her head to achieve a “flipped out” look.   To flip the hair under, follow the above directions but instead of making a half turn away from the head, she should make a half turn toward the hair about 1” from the tips of the hair.

To add volume, without look poofy, is very easy for a girl to do.  As she clamps each section of hair at the roots, instead of pulling the flat iron down, pull the straightener out or up to create a nice voluminous look.

The final capability of a traditional hair straightener is spiral curling.  This will work best with medium to long hair and a 1” plated flat iron on a high heat setting.  To do this, grab a small square section of hair, approximately 1” by 1”.  Clamp the hair about an inch from the roots to prevent burning the scalp.  Take the tail of hair hanging from the iron and wrap it forward around the straightener.  Then twist the hair straightener one full turn away from the head until the tail is once again sticking straight out from the iron.  Pull the tool gently downward, straight away from the head until the hair is naturally release.  Gently retwist the curl and spray it with hairspray to maintain the curl.  Continue this process, section by section, around the head until the style is complete.  This style takes a little bit of practice but will look great if you put in the effort.

Don’t sell your straightener short!  There are so many options and capabilities beyond just what the name implies.

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