Various types of Hair Scissors

April 1st, 2010

Professional hair stylist use a variety of hair styling tools.  When it comes to hair scissors, they typically have more than one pair and style available.  To gain a better understanding of which hair scissors do which cut, it’s necessary to understand each of the individual tools.

Standard Hair Scissors – left or right

These are your most basic hair shears and a stylist will use them in nearly every cut.  They have two finger rings and an optional finger rest to increase comfort for the hair dresser.  These scissors can be used for blunt, overall, slice, chunk, chop, blend, notch and wet or dry cutting.

Thinning Shears/Texturizing Shears

These are another important part of a hair stylist’s collection.  These shears are used to thin out thick, curly or unmanageable hair.  Rather than changing the length or style of the hair cut, thinning hair scissors are used to remove small amounts of hair from the bottom layer.


This is the oldest tool used to cut hair, but not necessarily the most common.  This type of “hair scissor” doesn’t really look much like a scissor at all.  It has a single blade and works best on damp or wet hair.  It is pressed flat against the strands of hair and pulled in short, stead strokes toward the ends.  The more vertical the razor is held, the more hair that will be removed.

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