Hair Straighteners Don’t Deserve Their Bad Rap!

April 23rd, 2010

Because hair straighteners use constant heat on one’s hair, the concern is that they will cause too much heat damage and leave the hair fried and even dead.  For this to happen, a girl would have to use a straigthener every single day, multiple times a day, without proper care in between straightenings.  Unfortunately, this happens.  There are, however, several techniques and practices you can use to ensure that your straight hair addiction won’t ruin your tresses forever.

**Always, always, ALWAYS use a hair repair shampoo and conditioner. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that’s made for use with heated styling tools or offers some sort of “repairing” benefits.

**Use a thermal protection spray every single time you clamp the hot plates down on your wild mane.  It’s worth it and will really help your hair in the long run.  It locks in moisture and prevents the “frying” that is sometimes associated with using a hair straightener.

**Save up some money and invest in a high quality hair straightener. The ideal straightener will have tourmaline (or tourmaline and ceramic) plates, will feature adjustable temperatures, and will use ion or far infra red technology.

*Lesser quality plates will chip and damage hair, and are known to heat unevenly, meaning they may burn some parts of your hair while leaving others unheated.  If you don’t choose an adjustable heat feature, you may actually be at risk of damaging your hair beyond repair.  Most girls need a temperature setting between 370 degrees Fahrenheit and 390 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you don’t need it any hotter, don’t set it any hotter and expose your hair to higher temperatures.  It’s not worth it.

*The ion and far infra red technology do an excellent job of decreasing frizz and making hair shiny and moisturized.  Many girls use a hair straightener to reduce frizz, so if you get one made for that, you’ll spend less time actually applying heat to your hair.

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