What To Expect During the Tongue Piercing Process

March 4th, 2010

So you want to get your tongue pierced?  But you have a lot of questions, right?  Where should I go?  What should I expect?  Will it hurt?  This is exactly where you should be looking to get those very answers.

The most important thing to do is find a good piercing salon.  Make sure that it is in a sanitary environment and you could even ask for Health Department records. If you want a tongue ring, don’t let price affect your decision.  NEVER choose a questionable salon just because the price of a tongue ring is cheaper.  You may spend less money now, but you’ll pay for it in the future.

The first thing that will happen when you get to the piercing salon is paperwork.  They will ask you to provide some information, as well as provide idea to ensure that you are old enough to get a tonue ring.

After you select your new tongue ring, the piercer should take you to a clean and sterile environment.  The piercer will mark your tongue after selecting a spot that will not interfere will blood vessels and nerves.  This is another reason to go to a trained professional; he or she will have been educated in the anatomy of the tongue and know how to perform the piercing safely.

The next step is to place a clamp on your tongue after the piercer has ensured that you like the location.  The clamp sort of looks like a long pair of scissors with two circles on the end where the needle will pass through.  The piercer will use a hollow surgical grade needle to actually pierce the tongue.  This is a tool that should come in a new, sterile package.  Your piercer will hold out the clamp and push the needle through your tongue.

At this point, the piercer will be ready to inster the tongue ring.  First they will remove the bottom ball, then put the end inside the hollow part of the needle.  This makes it easy to actually insert the body jewelry. As the piercer pulls the needle the rest of the way through, the tongue ring will remain in position inside the tongue.

The whole piercing process will only take about five minutes.  Most tongue rings are 3/8″ but they may use a longer tongue ring to allow for swelling during healing.  Between two and four weeks later, your tongue should be fully healed.  At this time you can change your tongue ring to one that expresses your personal style.

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