Bod Mod–what’s up with that?

March 3rd, 2010

Body Modification includes a variety of surgical changes done to the body.  The most common reasons for body modification or “bod mod” include decoration, religious reasons, fashion, shock value and representing devotion to or affiliation with a group or individual.

When people hear the term “body modification,” they often overlook the fact that even a simple navel piercing or the ever popular breast augmentation is a form of body modification.

On the more extreme side of the spectrum, however, there are people who do prefer explicit ornaments as a way to express themselves.  There are the standard belly button rings and tongue rings, but there are also some more creative piercings.  For example, dermal anchoring, like transdermal implants are pierced down into the skin to give the appearance that a small bead is simply resting on the skin.

In addition, people use stretching neck rings, get eyeball tattooing and even surgically split their tongues to achieve a lizard like appearance.

Be it good or bad, there are a number of individuals who have gained fame for their extreme or excessive body modification.  For example, Rick Genest tattooed his entire head and torso to look like a human skeleton.  Cindy Jackson claims to have more cosmetic plastic surgery than any other person in the world and Erik Sprague calls himself “The Lizardman” and has sharpened teeth, a full-body tattoo of green scales, a split tongue and even green inked lips.

What do you think of this trend?  Is it a cool way to express oneself?  Or a horrible disfigurement of one’s own body?

Tell us what you think!

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