Doctor’s View of Body Piercings

February 24th, 2010

People everywhere are getting their bodies pierced, inked and scarred in the name of beauty.  All of these body modifications are legal as long as they follow certain guidelines.  For example, most piercing’s require a minimum age and proof of identification.  Many piercing facilities require customers to fill out contracts and consent forms as well.  In addition, there are specific degrees and licensing procedures required for all piercing and tattoo salons.

Even though these decorative trends are legal, many people, especially parents of teens, wonder if these are actually safe.  Can they cause accidental damage?  Will they get infected?  And of course, how painful will they be?

One of the most common piercing’s is the belly button ring.  It’s relatively easy to hide and on the lower end of the price scale for body piercings.  For this reason, it’s an explosive fad among teen and preteen girls.  To find out if the piercing is actually safe, this blogger did a bit of research!  Below are a couple of sites that give a doctor and other health professionals’ opinions of body piercings.

Bottom line:  body piercing and body modification is complete safe when treated as a surgical procedure and when properly cared for.

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