Care Instructions for Hair Scissors

February 19th, 2010

When you enter your hair salon or barber shop and your stylist or barber whips out his or her number one tool, it is not the same as the Fiskars safety scissors you just bought your 5 year-old before his first day of school.

Hair cutting professionals use high quality hair cutting shears or professional hair scissors.  The reason for using these hair scissors  and not the cheapest craft scissors at the dollar store is clear:  the better the scissors, the better the hair cut.

Professional hair scissors should be made from a high quality metal that is free from nicks or cuts.  It is important that the blades are sharp, and while they shouldn’t need sharpened after every use, a hair cutting professional should pay attention to how many cuts he or she can perform between each sharpening.

In order to keep their hair scissors in good shape, remember a few simple rules for their care.

Rule one: Always, always, always clean the hair scissors after each use.  Rinse them with soap and water to prevent bacteria and germ build-up.

Rule two: Sterilize the hair scissors with a non damaging formula.  It is not necessary to sterilize the hair shears after each use, but before doing so, be sure that the formula is gentle enough to prevent harm.

Rule three: Store hair scissors in a dry place.  To avoid moisture, keep the scissors in a holster or in a place where they are sure to stay away from water or any wet environment.

Rule four: Don’t be afraid to oil hair scissors if they are in constant use.  Proper and occasional oiling can prevent rust and maintain proper movement in the shears.

And finally, rule five: Never, ever use hair shears on anything except for hair.  These tools are called “hair scissors” for a reason and using them on anything else can damage the blades and prevent them from doing their job.

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