Follow These Tips To Get A Great Hair Cut at Home!

January 22nd, 2010

It is extremely important to maintain clean and healthy hair. To accomplish this, it is important to clean and cut your hair regularly. Sometimes, people are unable to go to a salon for a professional hair cut or hair style. Trimming your hair at home using professional hair cutting shears can help you get rid of this problem, but how do you cut your own hair?

Below are some tips to follow while trimming your own hair

It is more convenient to cut wet hair than dry hair. First shampoo your hair properly, dry it with a drier and make it tangle-free. Keep a spray bottle filled with water close by to use if your hair starts to dry. Make sure that the hair cutting shears you are using are very sharp as this will prevent hair shears from pulling your hair. If you intent to cut your hair at home often, it is worthwhile to purchase professional hair cutting shears, clippers, a razor and thinning hair shears.

Read the following to help understand how to use your hair shears and achieve your desired cut.

Normal Straight cut

There is nothing better than simple hair styles. Moreover, it is much easier to achieve a simple hair cut at home.. The easiest among all hair styles is the single-length hair cut.

Determine the length you want and cut your hair accordingly. Once you find a length that is especially flatter, it is suggested that you measure your hair for future reference. Starting small, grab a piece of hair between your index and middle finger. Measure the hair to the determined length and snip off the extra carefully using your hair shears. Repeat this process until you have trimmed all of your hair. You can use this technique with a variety of hair cutting shears and on men’s and women’s hair. Keep in mind that the length of hair may vary from very short to below the shoulders.

Professional Cut

Perhaps you would prefer a more professional or complicated hair style. If this is the case, you may want to start with a professional cut and then just snip off about the same amount of hair from all parts of your head on regular basis, using your own professional hair cutting shears and maintain the style. Generally, hair on different parts of the head grow at different rates. If you decide to follow this technique, it is recommended that you occasionally consult a hair stylist to prevent your hair from becoming uneven.

Another stylish hair-cut

Another idea for a very simple, but attractive hair-cut is to lean over and comb your damp hair straight forward. Smooth our your hair with your fingers and use very sharp hair shears to cut a line straight across. Make sure that you work in small sections and do it from one side to another. After you finish, check to be sure that the hair cut is even. Part your hair directly in the middle of your head. Measure small sections of your hair using your thumb and index finger to check for any long pieces. If there are long pieces, use your hair cutting shears to carefully cut them off.

As you get more practice cutting your own hair at home, you might want to try some complicated yet stylish hair-cuts at home. It is recommended that you purchase a hair cutting video that provides detailed instructions and allows the viewer to replay the video to help him or her learn.

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