Did you know there are actually several styles of tongue piercings?

January 28th, 2010

Oral piercings do not take long to heal and offer a variety of options of tongue rings to the wearer. It’s comfortable to see why these piercings and tongue rings are growing in fame.  Many people are aware that there are different forms of body modification available. When it comes to tongue piercings, many of those alike people don’t realize that there are actually many different tongue piercings available. Any kind of tongue piercing is ideal because this form of body modification can be comfortably secret from unwilling on-lookers, making it easy to see why they’re becoming so popular.

• Traditional Tongue Piercings

The most famous tongue piercing is the traditional tongue piercing. This tongue piercing goes directly through the top of the tongue and exits on the bottom side. This special piercing is also known for it’s increasing swelling after the initial piercing and swelling can last up to a week or more. Healing time is approximately one to two months.

• Tongue Exposed Piercings

Tongue surface piercings can be placed anywhere on the surface of the tongue, whether it be horizontally or vertically down the tongue. In addition to this, they can also be on either the top of the tongue, or the bottom of the tongue (which is often referred to as a lingum piercing,) or the tip of the tongue.

Horizontal Tongue Piercings

Horizontal tongue piercings are fairly honest. They are a piercing that passes horizontally from the tongue whereas local tongue piercings corss vertically through the tongue. Sometimes, if not correctly pierced, a tongue ring in this piercing can interfere with eating, speech or both.

• Tongue Rim Piercings

A tongue rim piercings can be thought a variation of a tongue surface piercing. This piercing or group of piercings sits on the rim of the tongue. Generally, the wearer uses traditional tongue rings or types of captivating beads. Unfortunately, this piercing has been known to cause serious tooth damage if improperly placed.

• T-Bar Piercings

The T-Bar piercing is a little more complex than some other tongue piercing. This piercing takes a bit more time and wait than other tongue piercings because it needs two separate arrangements to meet someone. The first appointment is used for the piercer to insert the tongue ring used for piercing horizontally or vertically, based on the user’s preference.

After several weeks of becoming well, a second appointment will be required for a third hole to develop the ‘T’ appearance of the piercing. Custom body jewelry is inserted and the third piercing is screwed into the tongue ring barbell to form the desired ‘T’ shape.  From a viewing standpoint, the piercing appears as three separate tongue ring balls on the surface of the tongue.

• Tongue Web Piercings

The tongue web piercing is also somewhat self-explanatory. The piercing itself corsses through the webbing on the innerside of the tongue. Oftentimes, the wearer inserts either straight or curved body jewelry, sometimes using tongue rings with beads or rings.  Healing time is constantly sharp, as with most oral piercings.

Tongue ring piercings are becoming increasingly popular with younger generations. Tongue rings are comfortable to hide for work matters and socially accepted among their peers. It is not hard to determine why tongue rings and other body piercings are becoming more and more popular.

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